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 by Tracie B. on Paw Protector

I purchased this from Pineland Farms and was very happy to see my dog loves this. I have not used it in the winter yet but I have used it this summer and my dogs absolutely loves it.

 by Jeanette on Paw Protector

I love this stuff! The application is easy and it helps my Greyhound in the winter months. I honestly didn't think it would work well on her thin skin but I stand corrected and will never go without it again.

 by Monette C Dibden on Maine Street Bee

As the seasons change here in Maine, I get really itchy, rashy hands and fingers. It's so annoying! But recently I was at a trade show where hand salves from Maine Street Bee were available for use in the ladies' room. I kept using the hand salve while I was at the show and - I kid you not! - over that two day period my hands became almost perfectly smooth and healthy looking! I've never used anything that worked so well before, and I've had this issue for about 35 years. I have tried many products, including hand lotions, other natural products, and prescription medications. Nothing worked as well as your hand salves. I highly recommend them! Thank you!!

 by Mia Waisman on Maine Street Bee

I recently discovered the hand salve, and it became my favorite from the first use. It's not greasy or thin which is perfect. My hands tend to get very dry in cold weather, but this salve kept them moisturized for quite a while. And I love all of the three scents it comes in, including my all time favorite -- lavender. Highly recommend. ~ Mia W.

 by Jillian Werb on Lavender Orange Lip Balm (.3oz)

I use this lip balm all the time. It goes on great, and I love that it doesn't use plastic in its packaging anywhere.

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5 out of 5

Katherine LoBuglio
5 out of 5